Laser Hair Removal

State of the Art Laser Hair Removal

If you are looking for the very best laser hair removal that Edinburgh has to offer then look no further than the award-winning treatment at Soprano Ice Edinburgh. You will combine a permanent hair reduction solution with silky smooth skin! Virtually pain free, you could be turning your back on painful waxing forever with a minimum of only six sessions… sounds fabulous, doesn’t it?

Soprano Ice Titanium and Platinum treatment is a revolutionary breakthrough in permanent hair reduction. Quite simply, it is the safest and most effective lasers of its kind. It provides better and longer lasting results than any other method on the market today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Soprano Ice Laser gradually heats the targeted area of skin follicles with gentle pulses of laser energy. Our advanced laser system has replaced the previous unpleasant, painful and time-consuming approaches of old with a constant motion that gives the sensation of a warm massage – a true investment for the future.

The Soprano Ice Laser quickly and effectively treats multiple hair follicles at once and with no down time. Not only does this enable you to resume your normal activities immediately after treatment, this non-invasive and effective approach yields permanent hair reduction and long-term hair removal.

All treatments are customised for all clients to ensure a pain free and hair free result and the laser removal is designed to work on all skin types, including tanned skin. It is not suitable for people with naturally blonde hair, grey or white hair as pigmentation is required for an effective treatment.

Still unsure if that’s you? Make a FREE patch appointment today to make sure!

No pain, no gain? Hardly! Pain tolerance varies from individual to individual, however, the Soprano Ice Laser approach is found by most to be completely pain free because the ‘in-motion’ technology enables the treatment to be customised to each individual’s tolerance, thereby immediately ensuring advantages that other treatments cannot provide.

Timings are different depending on the area being treated for example, Please allow 15 minutes for underarms. We are able to cover larger areas at high speed with the Soprano Titanium for example, Please allow 30 minutes for half legs and 45 minutes for full back. All timings will be advised during consultation.

The Soprano Ice Laser technology is the most effective and safest laser of its kind in the world. Approved by the F.D.A. for all skin types (including tanned skin), the Soprano Ice Laser parameters are specifically designed to match your skin and hair type – assuring exceptionally precise and gentle treatments. There may be a redness immediately after treatment, however, be assured that this is a normal reaction that will subside within 24 to 48 hours.

You will not find any gimmick pricing at Soprano Ice Edinburgh. Our award-winning team take pride in providing only the highest standard of customer care and always listening to client needs and expectations.

The pricing structure offered at Soprano Ice Edinburgh differs from many salons in that it allows clients to pay per session whilst still benefiting from our Soprano Ice Edinburgh Rewards & Offers. Treatments are therefore affordable and accessible.

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