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About a year ago, I found myself at a hair removal impasse: shaving and creams gave me a rash, waxing gave me ingrown hairs and weeks in-between treatments with noticeable hair. Having previously tried IPL on my lip and chin, which I found to be both extremely painful and pretty ineffective, I was reluctant to experiment further with any type of laser treatment. However, after chatting to Debbie when attending the clinic for another treatment, she persuaded me to have a free patch test on a leg area. I was amazed at the results and at the pain-free nature of the treatment, about which I was initially sceptical. I have pale skin and dark hair and, although I am not especially hairy, what is there is quite noticeable.

From the very first treatment, I noticed a reduction in the hair on my legs, and did not have to shave so often. I have since also commenced treatment on my underarms, bikini, and lip and chin. Whilst different areas of my body have responded at different rates to the Soprano Ice treatment (I have found that those I have been removing hair from by other means for the longest are the most stubborn), I have achieved noticeable results everywhere, and it NEVER hurts – the most uncomfortable part of the treatment is often the cold gel, which is a huge improvement on the burning ‘zapping’ of IPL! I come out of Debbie’s Soprano Ice treatments feeling happy, whereas I used to come out of IPL treatments feeling tearful.

What has made the treatments really stand out for me, is the attitude of Debbie, who is unfailingly friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

This is the first summer in 20 years when I do not have to worry about the state of my bare legs before wearing a skirt: thank you Debbie!

After only six treatments covering half leg, bikini and underarm, I am now hair free! No pre holiday time spent rushing to the beauticians for waxing!

The Soprano Ice treatment is painless and I understand is the most effective on the market.

Debbie is just lovely, very friendly and chats like an old friend so the treatment time passes quickly. She is very professional and knowledgeable and I have total confidence in her. I would definitely recommend Debbie and Soprano Ice Edinburgh.

Karen Murray

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