Are you suffering from hyperhidrosis? Treatment is available at Soprano Ice Edinburgh.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Dr David Jack visits us on a monthly basis for aesthetic medical appointments. As one of London’s leading specialists with his own Harley Street Clinic he offers our clients his passion, professionalism and expertise in this field.

As well as the anti-wrinkle injections he also carries out Hyperhidrosis treatments. Hyperhidrosis is a problematic and embarrassing condition of excessive sweating. It can affect your hands, feet and underarms and when severe not only ruins clothes but confidence too.

Botulinum Toxin injections can reduce this problem. Treatment is simple and only takes around 10-15 minutes. The skin area is numbed before receiving multiple injections to treat the problem.

It usually takes around 3-7 days for the effects to be noticed and the sweat reduction should last between 3-6 months. After this the treatment should be repeated.

At Soprano Ice Edinburgh treatment for Hyperhidrosis costs £450.

If you would like an appointment with Dr Jack or to enquire about aesthetic treatments and book a free consultation, please contact us.