Soprano Ice1. Reduce effects of PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) affects millions of women in the UK & Worldwide. Many suffers experience unwanted facial or body hair which can affect appearance and in turn self esteem. Our current clients who suffer from PCOS have said that the Soprano Ice treatment has been life changing for them.

2. Ingrown hair

Ingrown hair, also known as as pseudofolliculitis barbae, occurs when you shave hair follicles very closely. The hairs can curl in and begin to grow beneath the skin causing irritation. Permanent hair removal with laser like Soprano Ice will eradicate the issue.

3. Virtually pain free

If you’ve been holding back on having laser hair removal because you think it may be painful, then think again, Soprano Ice is virtually pain free. We encourage you to come in for a free consultation and patch test and you will be able to experience what the treatment will feel like before making a decision.

4. Permanent hair reduction

Of course the main reason to get laser hair removal is to benefit from permanent hair reduction. You now have an alternative to waxing or shaving and over the course of your lifetime you will also save money.

5. Affordable

Our flexible payment system makes laser hair removal more affordable than ever. Join our email list to receive 50% off your first treatment, plus receive your sixth treatment free. Pay for your treatments as you go, with 6-8 weeks between appointments it’s never been easier to pay for your laser hair removal.