Ria our skincare expert has recently completed advanced training in the removal of thread veins (spider naevi).

Thread Veins are small broken capillaries which are visible on the skin’s surface. They are most commonly found on the facial area, which can cause sufferers to become very self conscious.

We are pleased to now offer diathermy to help cure this problem. The treatment involves a small sterile probe which releases short wave diathermy (heat) that cauterises (sears) the broken blood vessel. Skin reaction post treatment will result in the area being red and a few kitten like scratches will appear on the surface which will last for a duration of 7-10 days.

Thread Vein Removal

It will take 4-6 weeks to experience the full result from the treatment and a follow up review will be required to assess if any further treatment is needed.

Clients should be aware that during the treatment process we do not use a topical anesthetic cream prior to treatment as the cream works as a vasoconstrictor – causing blood vessels to constrict away from the skin. This means a successful treatment cannot be assured and may result in treatments not being cost effective or time efficient.

Thread Vein Removal treatments will be £60 for 30 minute session.