The Facial Bar Edinburgh

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The Facial Bar Edinburgh – beauty from the inside and the outside.

The Facial Bar Edinburgh is the brainchild of Dr David Jack, London’s leading anti-ageing skincare specialist.

Using a unique approach designed to treat skin on the inside and out, you have a choice of five treatments to get your skin in the best condition possible – all followed by two oral supplements – The SkinShake and The Skinfusion.

These express dermatological grade facials are easily accessible and affordable and the range has been designed for people with an active lifestyle. Transform your skin today at the hands of the experts.

The Signature Facial

£60 – 30 mins

Quite simply the ultimate facial treatment available at The Facial Bar and one that is designed to promote the perfect boost in radiance!

Beginning with a light cleanse, scrub and then manual lymphatic drainage massage, this personalised treatment is the answer to removing dullness and dehydration from the skin whilst also promoting elasticity.

The bespoke Signature Peel is then applied to resurface and polish the skin before moisture is replaced with a hydrating mask. For an added boost, an application of vitamin C is applied along with SPF for longer last skin protection

The Glow-Getter

£60 – 30 mins

Designed for a fightback against hyperpigmentation, uneven texture, dehydration and dullness, this facial is perfect for helping your skin soak up all the ingredients needed for the maximum healthy glow.

The approach of cleansing and chemical peel encourages a deeper absorption of products whilst oxygen therapy and a vitamin infusion are added for intense hydration, nourishment, smoothness and radiance!

The Pore-Refiner

£60 – 30 mins

Beginning with a light cleanse, extraction and exfoliation, this innovative facial has been designed specifically to bring an end to skin breakouts and promote healthier skin.

The lactic acid peel reduces the bacteria associated with conditions such as acne and the facial has been created to reduce skin inflammation whilst complementing the appearance with both vitamin A and SPF.

The Frequent Flyer

£90 – 45 mins

Frequent flights can cause puffiness and dehydration – put an end to these with this facial!

The moisturising and gentle chemical exfoliation cleanse aims to smooth and clear the skin whilst the relaxing sculpting and lifting massage and hydrating oxygen blast will soothe and even the skin.

The Sensitive Skin Facial

£60 – 30 mins

LED Light Therapy and a hydrating hyaluronic acid treatment will follow a soothing gentle cleanse designed to combat redness and uneven tones.

This facial is finished with an extra SPF application to give maximum skin protection

The Gentleman Quintessential Facial

£90 – 45 mins

A tailored facial for men that begins with a cleanse and targeted peel followed by a lymphatic drainage massage.

Next, a light therapy mask is applied to give your skin an intense boost. The treatment is finished with retinol and SPF, leaving you feeling like a new man.

Skin Type: All skin types.

The Oxygen Facial

£90 – 45 mins

A sculpting oxygen facial to revive, tighten and brighten even the dullest of skins.

Skin Type: All skin types.
Concerns: Loose skin, wrinkles and lack of collagen.