The Facial Bar Edinburgh

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The Facial Bar Edinburgh – in expert hands.

The Facial Bar Edinburgh is the newest offering by award-winning salon, Soprano Ice Edinburgh. Set in the most luxurious of settings, this talented group of therapists have created a range of facial offerings designed to address the negative effects of all aspects of modern life for both men and women.

From the express FLAIR treatment that offers a Face Lift by Air – yes, really! – To the BRILLIANCE Facial that removes all tiredness and dryness whilst restoring the skins natural glow; each has been designed to only bring out the very best.

And with each facial and peel providing an extra boost in SPF, you will leave feeling and looking amazing and knowing your skin is protected much longer than a simple in-salon moisturiser facial.

With all treatments offered to complement the existing and successful LVL lashes and HD brows, make an appointment today and transform your approach to looking after your skin knowing that you really are in expert hands.

The Facial Bar Edinburgh Oxygen Boost

£75 for 45 minutes or £90 for 60 minutes *

The Facial Bar Edinburgh is excited to bring you quite simply the ultimate in facial treatments available today. Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles and hello to increased levels of collagen with this ground breaking approach!

Your skin is guaranteed to appear and feel smooth and clear with our exfoliation and cleansing treatment but it is the oxygen boost therapy – designed for actively lifting the eye and cheek areas – that really sets the results.

Life is too short, BOOK the treatment and rejoice in a lighter and brighter you!

The Facial Bar Edinburgh Flair

£35 for 20 minutes

Time not on your side? Too busy a schedule to really indulge in a deep facial? Or are you simply heading for a fabulous day or night out and want to feel that little bit more special in your new outfit?

Why not take the sculpting benefits of the Oxygen Facial for a fraction of the time?

Focusing solely on instantly lifting the eye and cheek areas, BOOK the 20 minutes that will change your life!

The Facial Bar Edinburgh Brilliance

£75 for 45 minutes or £90 for 60 minutes *

Just tired of having tired skin? Not anymore because The Facial Bar Edinburgh now has a facial that has been designed specifically to put the brilliance back into you!

A brisk cleanse and scrub is followed by a peel that is just perfect for putting back the zing and zest that your skin needs for its natural health and glow to shine through.

Fight back against high colour, dehydration and dullness today and BOOK for the brilliance you deserve!

The Facial Bar Edinburgh Clarity

£75 for 45 minutes or £90 for 60 minutes *

Even supermodels suffer from spots and blemishes – fact! – And we can all be blighted by skin breakouts or sometimes actual acne.

Whilst The Facial Bar Edinburgh can’t promise to turn us all into supermodels, we can offer an end to skin breakouts and relief from redness and uneven skin tones!

The Clarity treatment brings a combination of light cleansing and exfoliation combined with a peel and LED light therapy this hydrating treatment will boost skin appearance and confidence all in one treatment.

BOOK today to banish the stresses a breakout can bring and look forward to radiant and glowing skin again.

The Facial Bar Edinburgh Just for Men

£50 for 45 minutes

Have you been a stranger to skin care routines…? Well worry no more if you have fallen behind because The Facial Bar Edinburgh has created a facial specifically designed for you to put your best face forward!

The first and most important step in any skin care regime: your skin will be cleansed before an intense exfoliation to smooth roughness and make way for even tone and texture.

Don’t just take our word for it: GQ says; ‘men need the simplest of skincare routines to hold onto youth for as long as possible…’* and on a recent trip to The Facial Bar Edinburgh, Fringe legend and ‘outright king of comedy’ (Times), Jason Byrne said; “Can you believe I got a facial? It was amazing! Tell you what lads, get yourself down to Soprano Ice. The ladies know to make you relax”.

BOOK to let The Facial Bar Edinburgh help you with that routine and relax today!

*source GQ

*(£90 treatment includes LED mask and bespoke peel) 60 minute facials can be purchased as a course