Dr Jack who delivers our monthly aesthetic clinics has recently been featured in the Daily Mail for his Egyptian Facial ™. We’re excited to announce that Egyptian Facials will now be available at Soprano Ice Edinburgh!

This ancient procedure originates, as the name would suggest, in Egyptian times when it was popular with Cleopatra. The process hasn’t changed much, back then they would use acid from fruit and milk. Dr Jack uses glycolic acid to perform his version of an Egyptian Facial™ which is also derived from fruit.

Debbie was keen to trial the treatment herself before introducing it at the clinic so we boarded the early flight to London and headed for Dr Jack’s clinic on Harley Street.

Egyptian Facial Edinburgh

The treatment begins with a consultation, this is very important to establish your medical history and skin type – the treatment can be modified for sensitive skin.


Once the consultation is complete you will be made to feel comfortable on the bed. Your skin is cleansed before an acid peel is applied which stays on the skin for around 6 minutes. This bit can feel a bit tingly but that sensation is eased when the acid is neutralised.

Once the skin has been prepared the facial scraping can begin. A small scalpel is used but the sensation is certainly not painful, Debbie found it quite relaxing. I moved in closer to get a good view and was surprised to see instant results. I’m always sceptical when it comes to new treatments but fine lines and uneven pigmentation were reduced immediately as the top layer of skin was gently removed. The fine hair around the side of the face was also removed during the process.

Egyptian Facial

The treatment itself took around 30 minutes. Once the facial scraping was finished Dr Jack applied a series of Skinceuticals and Medik8 products which included a range of vitamins and pro-collagen properties to enhance the effects of the treatment.

Egyptian Facial

The skin was a bit red directly after the treatment, it had been explained during the consultation that this would be the case, but surprisingly it wasn’t sore at all. We went for lunch afterwards and within a couple of hours the redness had died down and the results were clearly visible.

Debbie said her skin was a little red the next day, but again the redness faded quickly leaving her with younger looking skin that is both smoother to the touch with a more even pigmentation. The exfoliation does continue for up to one week so that’s something to be prepared for, a small amount of dead skin will continue to shed.

The Egyptian Facial ™ costs £125 with Dr Jack or £85 with a senior therapist and is suitable for all skin types. It can be done up to every three months.

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