I caught up for a coffee with Ria our skincare expert and grilled her on what’s coming up next in skincare as well as a few personal questions too!

What’s up and coming in the beauty industry?

There is a mixture of up and coming treatments. People want to look and feel good all over, it’s not all about skincare and facial treatments (although these are still important). I notice clients looking after their body and focusing a lot more on their health. This will be something for us to bear in mind at Soprano Ice Edinburgh over the coming year.

Where do you take friends visiting Edinburgh?

Inchcolm Island, it’s great day out and there are some lovely restaurants in South Queensferry where you can enjoy the amazing view over the Firth of Forth.

Where would we find you on your day off?

If I’m not busy with friends or family you will probably find me in my bed! Sleep is very important to me!

What’s playing on your iPod/Spotify at the moment?

I love all different types of music from rock to pop – anything that gets me dancing!

How do you keep your skin in top condition?

I have very hormonal skin so following a basic skincare routine helps without over stimulating it, however by changing my products through the seasons I can keep it balanced and under control.

I do find having facial peels and treatments are a great way to keep it in top condition.

Favourite dish to make at home?

I love making my Thai turkey burgers, quick, tasty, and healthy – yum!

Books or magazines?

I never read magazines unless I’m on a plane. I like a good book or catching up with news on my iPad.

One thing you couldn’t live without…

Hair straighteners! Even when I’m in therapy mode with my hair tied back I still need to straighten my hair beforehand.

Most fun thing you’ve ever done was…

Going VIP at Coco Bongos night club in Mexico and dancing on stage with all the professional dancers.

Best thing about 2015…

Joining Soprano Ice Edinburgh and my upcoming trip to Australia.