Project Description

Semi-permanent make-up is a cosmetic technique which involves tattooing the skin using pigments to produce designs that resemble make-up, such as eye liner and eyebrows

Semi-Permanent Make Up Edinburgh

The technique can also be used to create artificial eyebrows, this is particularly desirable for people who have reduced brow coverage as a consequence of old age, medical conditions and treatments such as alopecia, chemotherapy or just due to over tweezing.

Everyone wants to look their best. How convenient would it be to enjoy perfectly shaped eyebrows, bright and defined eyes, and contoured lips and all without the effort of time consuming everyday make-up rituals?

The treatments at Soprano Ice Edinburgh offer subtle, natural and ‘perfectly in place’ results with no smudging, running or wearing off.

With semi-permanent make-up you have the confidence of knowing you look the best you ever have, morning, noon and night!

FAQs – It’s ok to ask for more information – you’re in expert hands!

Am I suitable?

Most people are suitable for semi-permanent make-up treatments. From this discussion, we will recommend the specific treatments that achieve the effect(s) you desire. You will be able to discuss your desires and expectations and be guided on any areas in which you wish to balance or correct during your tailored one-to-one session with our qualified technicians.

Does it hurt?

All treatments are carried out with the use of a topical local anaesthetic cream to minimise any discomfort, but relax because the actual treatment is virtually pain free!

How long does it take?

All treatments take two hours.

How safe is it?

Absolutely, the strictest sterilisation and hygiene standards are followed here at Soprano Ice Edinburgh and pre-packed, sterile cartridges are used for each client.
They are trusted by technicians and cosmetic surgeons throughout the world and for extra reassurance, a patch test is provided to all clients prior to commencing any treatment.

How long will it last?

SPMU can last between one and five years with recommended refresh treatments every 12 – 18 months, however, this is dependent on a few factors including skin type, lifestyle and sun exposure.

How much does it cost?

The team at Soprano Ice Edinburgh pride themselves on providing the highest standard of customer care and always listening to client needs and expectations.

The pricing structure offered at Soprano Ice Edinburgh differs from many salons in that it allows clients to pay per session whilst still benefiting from our Soprano Ice Edinburgh Rewards & Offers. Treatments are therefore affordable and accessible.

An outline price guide for Semi-Permanent Make-Up treatment starts from £170.

A great big thank you to Jemma for my semi-perm eyebrows . I sooo love them. Great salon. With a lovely atmosphere, relaxing and the staff are really nice and make you fell at ease. Thanks again Jemma. Xx

Elaine Watson, Edinburgh