This Egyptian Facial™ exfoliation technique removes the waterproof upper layers of the skin to allow penetration and absorption of a series of anti-ageing advanced vitamin serums which are then applied to the skin.

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The Egyptian Facial™ comprises of three simple steps: a gentle facial peel, dermaplaning (or facial shaving) and then a vitamin facial.

One of our signature facial treatments, The Egyptian Facial™, comprises of three simple steps: a gentle facial peel, dermaplaning (or facial shaving) and then a vitamin facial.

Originating as the name would suggest in Egyptian times when it was popular with Cleopatra, the process hasn’t changed much; although then they would use acid from fruit and milk whilst we use glycolic acid to perform his version of an Egyptian Facial™ which is also derived from fruit.

FAQs – It’s ok to ask for more information – you’re in expert hands!

But please also remember that all of this and more will be covered during your consultation and any subsequent treatment.

Am I suitable?

The treatment begins with a consultation, this is very important to establish your medical history and skin type – the treatment can be modified for sensitive skin – for example, this facial can be done without the chemical peel component for those who have sensitivity to chemical peels.

Does it hurt?

Once the consultation is complete your skin is cleansed before an acid peel is applied which stays on the skin for around six minutes. This bit can feel a bit tingly but that sensation is eased when the acid is neutralised.

Once the skin has been prepared the facial scraping can begin. Although a small scalpel is used the sensation is certainly not painful with some clients finding it quite relaxing!

How long does it take?

The total treatment time is around 30 – 45 minutes.

How safe is it?

It is an extremely safe procedure. It can be expected that the face may be a little red and dry for a few days so it is important to use plenty of moisturiser, vitamin serums and SPF for at least five days after the treatment.

How long will it last?

This treatment is recommended once every one to two skin cycles (approximately six to 12 weeks) in order to enjoy an increased glow to the skin, an evening of complexion, reduction of hyperpigmentation, improved skin tone and reduction of ‘peach fuzz’ vellus hair but with no risk of hair growing back thicker or darker!

How much does it cost?

The team at Soprano Ice Edinburgh pride themselves on providing the highest standard of customer care and always listening to client needs and expectations.

The pricing structure offered at Soprano Ice Edinburgh differs from many salons in that it allows clients to pay per session whilst still benefiting from our Soprano Ice Edinburgh Rewards & Offers. Treatments are therefore affordable and accessible.

An outline price guide for The Egyptian Facial is from £85 with a Senior Therapist.

Just had an Egyptian facial, fabby experience, staff are great.

Sharon Kerr, Edinburgh