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Project Description


Nataliya Al-Ta’ai is among the first nail professionals in Edinburgh to receive a PHAB Gold Standard Award, which recognises and celebrates the professional business and customer care sense of those in the hair and beauty industry.

Custom Nail Treatments

From the ancient times dressing the nails with coatings evolved from only being exclusive to royalties to an every day must have of a modern woman fashion desires. Cleopatra stained her nails with henna and Queen Nefertiti used deep red paint on her fingertips. Roman and Egyptian commanders painted their nails before going to battle. In the early 1920s crimson red nail colour became popular. French Manicure was born in 1970s, and frankly it had nothing to do with the French, it was used by models and actors to coordinate with multiple wardrobe and make up changes due to its subtle and natural look.

If you are blessed with healthy, strong, gorgeous nails, beautiful curves and consistent, even length, a colour coating like CND Vinylux or CND Shellac is enough.

If you are challenged with flat, thin or weak nails that need enhanced shape and strength CND Brisa Lite smoothing gel perfects shape and provides a layer of strength.

If you are cursed with short, shapeless, uneven nails you need enhanced shape and instant length that only Liquid & Powder or Gel enhancements can provide. Which one is the best choice for you we will establish at your consultation.

The VINYLUX® Weekly Polish System

cnd vinylux polishThe VINYLUX® Weekly Polish System provides week long wear with time-enhanced durability and self– adhering color coat for a faster service time.

The natural nail does not need to “breathe” or rest from nail coatings, and nail polish is the softest and most porous of any coating applied. Remember to regularly condition the nails with SOLAROIL® Nail and Cuticle Conditioner between appointments to ensure a healthy moisture/water balance in the nail plate, and to replace the plasticizing benefits of the nail polish that are easily diminished when washing hands.

In 2010 CND launched CND® SHELLAC® Brand
 14+ Day Nail Colour and changed the industry forever.

 14+ Day Nail Colour is 
designed for you, if you simply can’t keep 
polish on for more than a few
 days, or you end up chipping 
a fresh manicure because of impatience during the drying process.

This solution offers tremendous shine, depth of color and a perfect finish, along with 14+ days of high-performance wear and excellent protection.

Even if you have previously been unable to wear nail products because of lifting, reaction, onycholysis or time limitations you will be able to successfully wear CND® SHELLAC® Brand 
14+ Day Nail Colour! Its “3-free” formula is easy to wear for most clients.

Custom CND Nail Treatments from Soprano Ice, Edinburgh

Nail aftercare

We will provide the best possible advice after each service to make sure you get the most of your enhancements.

Here are some easy to follow advice to help you recommended by Creative Nail Design.

  • Make sure you always book your maintenance treatment before you leave. It is a good idea to book a couple of appointments in advance, try to book same day and same time every 2-3 weeks.
  • Please do not bite or pick your nail enhancements, as this will lead to breakages and can cause damage and thinning to your natural nails.
  • If you notice any lifting do not pull or pick at it, but do not ignore it. Contact the clinic as soon as possible, a repair may be necessary.
  • Nail enhancements may take some time getting used to. Gradually you will get into the habit of using your hands in a different way and the nail enhancements will start to feel as natural as your own nails.
  • Wear rubber gloves when you wash up or clean. Detergents and solvents can be harmful to the natural nail plate and skin.
  • Treat your new nails with care, use them as jewels not tools! Car doors, kitchen cupboards, ring-pulls and switches can cause breakages.
  • When wearing nail enhancements always avoid pulling backwards against the tips of the nails; this can cause injury or breakage. CND Solar Oil
  • It is important to use Solar Oil daily, before bedtime. Massage it into your nail, this will keep them flexible, prolong their life and dramatically reduce the risk of breakage.
  • If you are polishing your nails, please make sure you are using non-acetone polish remover.
  • If you would like to remove your enhancements you should return to the salon. Your nail stylist will be able to remove them without damaging your natural nail with a professional product remover and give you a manicure to restore moisture and condition to the natural nails.
  • Moisture Pack – Solar Oil £12.95 and Cuticle Eraser are £11.95 each, order yours today.

Aftercare – Courtesy of CND.