In the same way that wearing certain colours or decorating your home in particular hues can affect your mood, so the same is true for the colour of your nails.

With so many CND shades to choose from, it might be time to mix it up and match your nails to your mood!

Here’s a quick colour guide on how different colours can influence you.


Did you know blue is the most popular colour in the world?

Blue is soothing and encourages introspective reflection.

If you have an exam or test, pale blue is a good choice as it helps you concentrate, whereas a more vibrant shade will encourage confidence – perfect if you have an interview or presentation.


Purple is the colour of ambition, so if you’re going for a promotion or working on becoming self employed, get a purple manicure. It’s also associated with success and wealth.


Yellow brings on feelings of optimism and creativity. If you’re looking for a fresh start or need a lift, yellow will make you feel like you can achieve anything. A sunny outlook can be the beginning of great things, so why not kickstart it with a brightly coloured manicure or pedicure.


Green offers the wearer a sense of balance. If life is all over the place and you crave some calm, go for green. It’s also a colour that represents growth, money, fertility and safety. So if you are looking for good fortune or wish to become pregnant, then select a calm shade of green.


One of the most popular nail colours, red symbolises passion and energy. Red is best used as an accent colour which is why it works so well as a manicure or pedicure. It’s a colour that provides a sense of protection from fears and anxiety too, so if you have something challenging on the horizon, consider picking red.


Orange is associated with happiness and promotes a sense of wellness. If you’re trying to recover from a disappointment or a break up, orange will make you feel a bit better. Studies have also shown that orange can create an increased desire to socialise and a boost in aspiration.


Pink is considered a feminine colour which represents our caring, compassionate and loving sides. Pink represents unconditional love and understanding, and is also associated with giving and receiving care.

So next time you’re picking your mani/pedi colour consider how you’re feeling and what life events are happening and match it to the colour of your nails, it could help you more than you think!