We’ve had the pleasure of treating Scottish Rugby International, Gavin Hastings, this week. We managed to take him for a coffee and ask him about his rugby career, skincare regime, and what he’s most passionate about now he’s not playing rugby…

1. What did you enjoy most about playing for Scotland?

Playing rugby for Scotland was a huge honour which I absolutely loved. To play for your country was something I had long dreamed of and to get to play in front of tens of thousands of people on my favourite Murrayfield pitch was fantastic. This was part of my life for ten years and you train constantly with people who soon become your great mates sharing some amazing experiences. Of course nothing beats winning and I was fortunate to experience some memorable victories including winning the Grand Slam in 1990.

2. Do you miss playing professional rugby? Would you turn the clock back if you could?

Of course I miss playing rugby but now that the game is 20 years into its Professional life, it has changed dramatically since I retired, and in many respects I am glad that I never played professional rugby. I worked all through my rugby career in a full time job and now of course playing rugby is your job.

I am happy to have played in the amateur era and experience some memorable tours to and World Cups in the Southern Hemisphere. What fun we had.

3. What are you passionate about at the moment? Have you taken up any new hobbies recently/since playing rugby?

Nowadays my sporting life revolves around my love for golf as well as watching my son playing professional rugby for Bath currently. I have always been an avid golfer and it takes up much of my spare time. I enjoy watching the Ryder Cup and The Open as well as playing some of the great links courses such as Gullane, Muirfield and St Andrews.

4. How important do you think it is to look after yourself from the outside as well as within? Do rugby players pay attention to their looks much? Is everyone fighting for the mirror in the changing rooms!

When you have played sport to a high level clearly fitness is an important aspect of your life. I do also think that fit people like to look after themselves on the outside as well and you see that in a lot of professional sports where men and women do pay increased attention to their looks. I think that is a good thing and it sets an example to others and makes you feel good about yourself as well.

5. You’ve experienced our Elemis Biotec Super Charged Facial for men, what made you decide to have it done? How was your skin after the treatment?

My Elemis Biotec Super Charged Facial was the first proper time I had had a facial and I must admit to finding it hugely relaxing and beneficial. I felt my skin was very relaxed and soft and I did feel re-energised.

6. Do you have a skincare routine?

My skincare routine could be described by some as limited but I find it works for me. I use good shaving products and a decent razor and always use a good moisturizer afterwards for my face and neck. I have been doing much the same routine for the last 15 years or so.

7. What do you think of the new trend of men looking after themselves more, and even having aesthetic treatments like anti-wrinkle injections?

Personally, if men want to spend more time looking after the way they look and feel then I am perfectly happy about that. It is all about personal choices and I don’t see why men can’t have procedure like anti-wrinkle injections if they choose to do so.

8. Right now you are half way through a course of laser hair reduction treatment, would you agree it is pain free? How have you found your results so far?

I decided to have a course of laser hair reduction treatment on my back and I have to say I am absolutely delighted with the results. I felt that as I got older I wanted to have a hair free back and this pain free removal has exceeded my wildest expectations. Even my wife likes my smooth back and I feel a little younger as a result too. Clearly the benefits are there for all to see.

9. Would you recommend others to have laser done?

I would absolutely recommend others to have this treatment particularly those who perhaps have never thought about it before. I have had a liberating experience seeing my hair free back in the mirror and feeling cleaner and healthier as a result. The results have been remarkable.
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10. Overall how has your experience and service been here at Soprano Ice Edinburgh?

I cannot speak highly enough about the staff at Soprano Ice Edinburgh who are always welcoming and friendly and in good spirits. You feel special when you arrive at Soprano Ice and the whole experience from start to finish is like that. I go there to relax and come away feeling re-energised.

11. You must have enjoyed many a night out in Edinburgh, what’s your favourite place to eat and drink?

So after all of the great experiences at Soprano Ice Edinburgh I like to go out for a nice meal with my family and friends. A particular favourite for many years has been La Bruschetta at Haymarket as well as Ondine on George IV Bridge. My favourite pub is the Canny Man’s in Morningside and I always enjoy the special welcome you get there.