Individual Treatment Mini Guides


At Soprano Ice Edinburgh we always provide you with an in-depth consultation before you book any treatments, but we also know it’s nice for our clients to be able to access information themselves too.

The list of beauty treatments available from clinics and salons can be more than a bit bamboozling. The choices can be endless and using trial and error to find out what’s best for you could prove to be a very expensive process. With that in mind we wanted to provide you with accessible mini guides that cut through the jargon and give you the must-have info on our individual treatments. We hope you find our treatment guides useful.

Here’s the low-down on Hand Rejuvenation.


Hand Rejuvenation


Hands can tell as many stories as the skin on our face and as we get older, just like our faces the skin on our hands lose volume, elasticity and can show signs of ageing: sun damage, age spots and thread veins.


Dr Jack, our leading skin care specialist, visits Soprano Ice Edinburgh on a monthly basis as well as running his own clinic in London. His hand rejuvenation treatment has been featured in Grazia magazine and provides a solution for the hands, which are notoriously hard to disguise or hide the signs of ageing on.

Hand Rejuvenation treatments are bespoke and tailored to each individual client’s personal requirements. Using fillers to replace volume, peels to renew and brighten skin and Fractora to tighten and balance pigmentation, Hand Rejuvenation will leave you with Hollywood Hands.


If you would like a consultation to create your own bespoke Hand Rejuvenation Treatment, please get in touch.