What is Semi-Permanent Make up?

Semi-Permanent Make Up is a form of tattooing that involves placing pigment into the dermal layers of the skin. It was developed around the 1930’s by George Burcett who was known as the ‘King of Tattooists’. Unlike traditional tattooing, the pigment is only inserted into the shallow layers of the skin meaning that it is not as permanent as a traditional tattoo and will fade over time – this also means that it’s not nearly as painful.

There are two different techniques we offer; Hair Stroke and Powdered.

Hair Stroke – this is the most natural technique which matches a natural brow as much as possible

Powdered – this is a combination of the techniques above, it is more natural than block but not as natural as hair stroke.

Most clients select hair stroke, and should they wish for a stronger effect then they will move onto powdered.

Why choose Semi-Permanent Make Up?

Semi-Permanent Make Up is the most cost effective way to create the high definition brow look you desire. Lasting upwards of two years, it is also low maintenance. Semi-Permanent Make Up is a quick and easy procedure that is virtually pain free. It allows you to wake up with perfect brows minimising time spent on your morning make up routine.

How does Semi-Permanent Make Up work?

As with tattooing special pigment is used to create fine hair strokes that blend with your natural brows. We can fill and shape your brows until they are perfect. Over time the pigment will fade and you can have a top up or new treatment. As well as brows you can also have semi-permanent eye liner and lip colour.

Does Semi-Permanent Make Up hurt?

Most clients feel minimal pain. We use topical anaesthetic cream before and during the treatment to minimise any discomfort.

Is Semi-Permanent Make Up safe?

Semi-Permanent Make Up is perfectly safe. We offer a complimentary patch test prior to treatment to check for any adverse effects. All equipment is sterilised and new needles are used for each treatment.

How long does Semi-Permanent Make Up last?

Semi-Permanent Make Up treatments should last between 1-5years, top ups are available.

How much does Semi-Permanent Make Up cost?

Treatments start from £170. See our full price list here.