Elemis Biotec is an electrical facial that took two years to develop. Defined by nature, but led by science, Elemis Biotec works with your skin to produce the results.

There are eight different facials in total, all of which use a blend of technologies to achieve a range of results.

The five different technologies that can be used during your facial are;


Ultasonic technology is used to gently exfoliate and resurface the skin.


Micro-Current retrains motor nerves in the facial muscles to help strengthen and lift the skin.


Galvanic clarifies the skin using positive and negative electrodes which push product deeper into the skin.


Infuses oxygen into the skin making it appear brighter and more radiant. It also helps to plump up fine lines and wrinkles.

Light Therapy

Red and blue light therapy assists with collagen production while offering anti-bacterial properties.

How are Elemis Biotec facials different?

Elemis Biotec facials are more results driven than other facials. There is an Elemis Biotec facial suited to the indivdual needs of your skin allowing your therapist to focus on problem areas.

The Eight Elemis Biotec Facials;

Micro Firm-A-Lift Facial – a super lifting facial to help firm and tighten cheeks, neck and jawline.

Triple-Tec Anti-Wrinkle Facial – the ultimate wrinkle smoothing facial to help rejuvenate ageing skin.

Sonic Skin-Resurfacing Facial – revolutionary resurfacing facial to help even skin tone, reduce blemish marks and smooth fine lines.

Sonic Skin-Radiance Facial – radiance-boosting, bio-electric facial to help energise tired, dull and stressed skin.

L.E.D Blemish Control Facial – deep cleansing, light therapy facial to help visibly clear and re-balance oily, blemish prone skin.

O2 Sensitive Skin Soothing Facial – de-sensitising anti-redness facial, to help soothe and calm a delicate skin.

White Brightening Facial – illuminates the complexion which will leaving it more even and clear.

Super-Charge Facial For Men – high performance facial for men to help de-grease, de-age and calm a stressed, dehydrated skin.

Elemis Biotec Consultations

Before your treatment begins you will have a full consultation so our skincare expert can assess your skin and recommend the Elemis Biotec facial that is right for you.

Elemis Biotec Price List