The health and beauty industry is constantly evolving and there are always new treatments and techniques being developed. Here are a few of our favourite treatments for 2015. Which ones will you try?


Microdermabrasion gently removes the top layer of old/dead skin. Using a microdermabrasion wand your therapist will buff the skin, the result is a step up from the kind of exfoliation you may do at home. Your skin will be much more susceptible to moisturising and nourishing products. The end result is smooth skin with reduced pigmentation and fine lines. A microdermabrasion facial quarterly between seasons will keep your skin in great condition.

Laser Hair Removal

Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal is the latest in laser hair removal technology. The laser hand piece is passed over the skin and the pigmentation in the hair follicle attracts the laser which kills the follicle at the root. You do not need to grow hair in between, in fact you are encouraged to shave as the laser requires some hair follicle beneath the skin. Six laser hair removal sessions is recommended for permanent hair reduction.

Semi-Permanent Make Up

Semi-permanent make up saves time daily and ensures you have the perfect make up whether you’re in the gym, cleaning or on holiday. Whatever the activity, your make up remains in place giving you confidence. Treatments include brow enhancements, eye liner, eye lashes and lips.

Oxygen Facial

A favourite among celebrities, the Oxygen Facial gives a plumped glowing effect – perfect for before those big events. Your therapist will use a hand piece similar to an airbrush to pass short bursts of oxygen across your face. Advanced moisturisers or serums will be applied to the face first, the oxygen forces the product deeper into the skin for increased effectiveness.

Enzyme Peel

An Enzyme Facial is a natural way to deeply cleanse and remove dead layers of skin. It’s a perfect treatment for reducing the effects of premature ageing. They are also good for those suffering acne as the treatment clears blocked pores.