I have been keen to try out an Elemis Biotec treatment having enjoyed other types of facials. Elemis Biotec treatments are more results focused but the Skin Radiance facial is the most relaxing in the range.

The Elemis Biotec Skin Radiance Facial targets tired face and eyes with the brightening Radiance Activator, rich in anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides.

The Treatment

My treatment began with a consultation with Ria. Ria is an experienced skincare specialist who has worked with a variety of products and systems for many years.

After getting comfortable on the bed my treatment started with a cleanse to remove any make up. The Elemis Biotec machine was then used, ultrasonic peeling gently exfoliates the skin, it’s similar to microdermabrasion but less abrasive. There was a bit of beeping during this section of the treatment but was reassured by Ria that this was normal and the machine doing its job!

A Hydra Active Gel Eye Mask and an Amino Active Mask are applied to the eyes and face to soothe calm and rejuvenate,  while these work you enjoy a neck and shoulder massage which includes Hawaiian, Balinese and Swedish massage techniques.
Hydra-Boost Day Cream
The Elemis Biotec galvanic technology is used over a Hydra Active Mask to propel the active products deeper into the skin for enhanced results. This helps to achieve increased hydration, which will continue during the hours following your treatment.

The Results

I hadn’t been sleeping well so with no make up on, directly after the treatment all I could see were my dark circles! The following day though I visited the mirror to apply my daily make up and was surprised to find a noticeable difference in my appearance. My skin definitely looked plumper and my dark circles were reduced. My skin looked fresher and brighter.  I have followed the treatment up by using the Elemis Hydra Boost Day cream which has reduced the dry patches.

Elemis Sonic Skin Radiance Facial £75

Elemis Hydra-Boost Day Cream £38