I visited Soprano Ice Edinburgh on a Friday afternoon back in November for my Elemis Biotec Facial. I arrived slightly earlier than my 2pm appointment as I wanted to give myself enough time to park my car and feel relaxed to start my treatment.

At reception, I was greeted by a friendly lady, and asked to fill out some forms with my details, it also had some questions about my skin and my skin routine generally. She also offered me some grapefruit water while I waited.

I was introduced to my therapist Ria, and taken to a beautiful treatment room which was very cosy and had a true sense of tranquillity.

Soprano Ice Edinburgh

Ria invited me to sit down and relax as she reviewed the information on my form and spoke to me in more depth about my skin, my daily routine, and the issues I felt needed addressed. I explained my main issue was feeling my skin was ‘dry’ and had a sense of tightness. Despite me applying copious amounts of moisturiser daily and attempting to maintain a good skin care routine (around being a busy working mum), my skin recently has just felt tired and dull.

As I’ve gotten older (ok I’m only 32) having good skin has become a very important focus for me, I’ve less time to do make-up and frankly I just love how fresh skin feels. I am a woman on a mission to achieve that hydrated and radiant glow. I know I will not achieve amazing skin overnight, but I wanted to start to understand why my skin may feel dry? and what I need to do about it? Ultimately talking to Ria as a skincare specialist, was my first step in understanding what my skin is telling me and what it needs.

You could tell instantly that this was Ria’s passion, she listened to what I was telling her and she explained all the potential triggers that affect the quality of our skin, she explained it’s not unusual for this time of year for our skin to feel drier; drops in temperature, central heating, consuming extra hot drinks (caffeine is a diuretic) all of which contribute to our skin losing much needed moisture. She also explained the importance of drinking plenty of water. I know I am guilty of drinking too much coffee/eea and not enough water!

Note to self: Drink more water!

Ria left me to get ready for my treatment, I climbed onto the heated treatment bed and wrapped myself in the lovely snuggly duvet. Bliss, especially on a freezing day.

Ria arrived back and looked at my skin more closely, she explained that it was dehydrated, had a few dry patches and some open pores, and that the treatment would be tailored to addressing these issues. She recommended the Elemis Biotec Sensitive Skin Soother as it calms, soothes, and moisturises the skin.

Elemis Biotec Edinburgh

The treatment itself involved many steps, over a one hour period my skin was prepped, cleansed, toned and exfoliated. A mask was applied (which smelled fantastic) and the cooling effect of my skin felt even better. Whilst the mask was on I was treated to an amazing neck massage. Then the Elemis Biotec machine was introduced, my skin was infused with oxygen and light therapy was applied. Each stage just got better and better and by the end of the treatment I was floating on air as I was so relaxed and calm. The treatment ended with the application of Elemis Superfood Oil (it contains 9 powerful anti-oxidants that help to feed, nourish, and repair the skin) and some advice on self-care of my skin. Elemis state that this facial “restores calmness and soothes skin”, I agree!

It truly is a wonderful experience and my skin felt amazing. I cannot wait for my next facial at the wonderful Soprano Ice Edinburgh

I’m rarely seen without at least some tinted moisturiser, but on Friday night post facial, I applied some mascara and went out for dinner with my family completely bare, my skin looked and felt so good I didn’t want to mask it in any way!