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Today we are giving you the low-down on Dermapen.

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The Dermapen is a tool known in the beauty world as a needling roller. The idea behind skin needling is that the skin naturally heals itself following cuts, wounds and damage. Skin needling is a process that lightly punctures the skin with small holes, triggering the body to initiate a series of repairing mechanisms, including the release of new collagen. Collagen plumps and rejuvenates the skin cells, leading to soft, smooth, younger-looking skin. The puncturing of the skin also allows hydrating serums used in the process to be fully absorbed by the cells. A Dermapen procedure covering the face and neck normally takes 20 minutes. Procedures that focus elsewhere on the body can take up to an hour, depending upon the type of treatment needed, and the size of the problem area.

Before the procedure begins, an anaesthetic is applied to the skin to numb the area and ensure that the treatment is painless.

DermaPen Skin Therapy is an incredibly versatile procedure and can be a brilliantly effective treatment for all kinds of conditions, including sagging skin, fine lines, stretch marks, enlarged pores and acne scarring.

The initial results of the collagen stimulation that occurs after skin needling can be seen within ten days of treatment. Usually, the effects of one treatment will last for up to three months, and the collagen produced will grow and mature in the skin over a period of around 90 days.

The results of Dermapen Skin Therapy are cumulative, which means that if you have regular treatments, the quality of your skin will continue to improve over time.