Nataliya is a CND Grand Master who trains nail technicians all over the world, as well as doing the nails of top models at London and New York fashion week.

Here she talks about how to take care of your cuticles;

1. Rubber gloves are your friend

Wear rubber gloves when you wash up or clean. Detergents and solvents can be harmful to the natural nail plate and skin.

2. Jewels not tools!

Treat your nails with care, use them as jewels not tools! Car doors, kitchen cupboards, ring-pulls and switches can all cause breakages.

3. Solar Oil

It is important to use Solar Oil daily – before bedtime is best. Massage it into your nails and cuticle areas, this will keep them flexible, prolong their life and dramatically reduce the risk of breakage.

4. Have regular manicures

Regular manicures are like a doctor’s appointment, come and see me regularly and I can make sure your cuticles are in good shape.

5. Invest in a Moisture Pack

Use these two products to keep your cuticles in great shape – Solar Oil 12.95 and Cuticle Eraser are 11.95 each.