By Jemma Anderson

On my first meeting with Lynne I got a great vibe from her and picked up on her fun and easy natured personality, which is always a pleasure to work with. She completely put her trust in me, and if I remember correctly, she said ‘you are the professional you do what you think is right but dont do a bad job’ – no pressure!

Having briefly been told Lynne’s background and some of the amazing things she does I was looking forward to spending 2 hours with her to find out more. Lynne is Chair and Director of fundraising for the charity It’s Good To Give They might be tiny but they have huge ambitions. They support local children, young people with cancer and also provide support for the families. Lynne who herself has previously been diagnosed with cancer (but has now been in remission for about 2 years) and also had to have her thyroid removed which left her with very sparse and thinning eyebrows.

This is a perfect treatment to have to frame the face and feel yourself again. Semi-permanent make up application can be carried out pre and post chemo/radiotherapy. Due to it being a very invasive treatment it can change how your body accepts pigment and also how the pigment will sit in the skin. A third treatment is sometimes required if the client has had conditions with the thyroid as the body can heal slightly different but I tend to judge that as I go and see if the client has good pigment retention or not.

With regard to Lynne’s shape and colour, I kept it natural and as light as possible as Lynne has no pigment in her hair. When creating any clients eyebrow shape there are many things to consider – their other facial features for example – whether they naturally have smaller or more fuller features helps me decide on the thickness. I also feel the brow bone and the orbicularis oculi (the muscle under the hair) to see what shape will best suit. Some have a natural arch in the bone and others have a flatter bone structure. With Lynne we went for a soft arch, nothing too flat or too angular and a slightly thicker eyebrow. Baring in mind the thickness would not suit everyone’s face, nor would a thinner brow on Lynne as she naturally would have had fuller eyebrows. To keep it nice and natural we went for the hairstroke technique. Small hairs are tattooed on to give a realistic eyebrow.

There are other techniques that can be used but that all depends on what the client wants to achieve.

Following the treatment, aftercare advice is given. I advise the client to keep the area dry and product free for 5-7 days. Due to the freshly broken skin you are at a higher risk of infection and not retaining pigment if you get them wet or apply beauty products. Dry shampoo will become your best friend!

This was Lynne’s feedback on the treatment…

“Before January 2015 I didn’t give my eyebrows much thought. They were there above my eyes. Occasionally I got them shaped. I tried threading and waxing. I was lucky. I had fair hair and it didn’t grow fast. But in January 2015 all that changed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was going to have surgery followed by 5 months chemotherapy and then 15 sessions of radiotherapy. I knew I’d lose my hair and thought I was ok with that. And indeed I was. At least as far as the hair on my head was concerned. What surprised me was my reaction to losing my brows and lashes. It really upset me. I felt I looked odd. It took a long time after treatment ended before I saw hair returning. Except that it didn’t return as I expected. My brows were lighter and not complete. I had no outer third of my brow. Little did I know that this was a sign of thyroid problem. Something I have now lived with for two years and will do for the rest of my life. So it was something of a delight to meet Debbie and be told she could do something to help me. I was not sure about tattooing. It sounded scary. Anyway I decided I would do it. There was certainly nothing to be afraid of – Jemma put anaesthetic cream on my brow area for half an hour then got started. I opted not to see the needle! I’m not sure how long the process took but it was painless. I was given the aftercare info and encountered no issues at all. There are a few days where your brows are darker than you expect but that settles down. I now have a perfect pair of eyebrows and am very grateful to Debbie and her team for them”

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