16 01, 2019

Dry January is not always a good thing…

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Now the festivities are well and truly behind us, we are all looking at ways to cut back and repair the damage all the partying has done... (no regrets, you can come out from under the duvet now!) January brings the real chill of winter and all the drying [...]

24 03, 2018

The Clocks Are Changing: Create a Healthy Morning Routine

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The clocks are changing, and that means lighter mornings! I don't know about you, but I'm very ready for some more sunlight in my life. We all know a good morning prepares you for a great day. Creating a personalised morning ritual will promote good health and a centred feeling [...]

12 02, 2018

Why You Should Eat More Spinach & Kale

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Spinach and kale are great sources of amino acids, calcium, vitamin A & K, iron, manganese, zinc and folate. They are also high in fibre. Often referred to as superfoods due to the amount of vitamins and minerals they have, they are great for strengthening the body. Increase your intake [...]

5 10, 2017

Boost Your Cleanse This Winter

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Winter usually means a heavier make up look so removing your make up properly and cleaning your skin thoroughly becomes even more important. 1. It is important to double cleanse as your first pre cleanse removes makeup, pollutants and dirt from the skin while your second cleanse is to treat [...]

28 06, 2017

For The Summer…

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For Your Feet... CND Cucumber Heel Therapy £19.95 An intensive moisturising treatment that aids the repair of dry cracked skin. Perfect for nourishing those cracked heels and getting our feet ready for sandals. For Your Hands... British Botanical Hand and Nail Butter £18 Deeply hydrates and nourishes. Reinforces the skin's [...]

10 05, 2017

Our Top Six In-Flight Beauty Essentials

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Holiday season is here and we're all about squeezing every last drop of enjoyment from our breaks this year, and that means making the journey as good as the holiday itself. Ok, so flying has become a bit of a faff with all the extra security, but we suggest turning [...]

11 03, 2017

Boost Your Skin Health With These Smoothie Ingredients

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Spring is the time to lighten up your diet and brighten up your skin. Fruit and vegetables are packed with vitamins that promote cell regeneration, skin moisture and collagen production. Here are some of our favourite smoothie ingredients; Spinach/Kale Proteins are made from long chains of smaller molecules called amino [...]

31 01, 2017

An Interview with Gavin Hastings

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We've had the pleasure of treating Scottish Rugby International, Gavin Hastings, this week. We managed to take him for a coffee and ask him about his rugby career, skincare regime, and what he's most passionate about now he's not playing rugby... 1. What did you enjoy most about playing for [...]